Lupus Nephritis Treatment

2017-03-06 17:23Wu Yang

A variety of lupus nephritis treatments are available that are effective. But different treatment has diverse focus in hampering the disease development.

Lupus nephritis is a result of inflammation in the kidneys that is associated with overactive immune system. The inflammation is triggered by the immune complexes in the blood which lodge in the kidney area. The inflammation causes damage to different part of kidneys, lead to interstitial nephritis, nephrotic syndrome or other types of kidney disease.

Lupus Nephritis Treatment

Hormone therapy

Hormone therapy uses the drugs, such as steroids, to control the inflammation by limiting the immune responses. The steroids may be given by mouth or intravenously. The anti-inflammation treatment is often used to help control the progressive development of the disease.


Immunotherapy is the extension of hormone therapy. It not only deals with the inflammation of kidneys, but also hampers other aspects of the disease development. It is a systemic treatment which mainly contains 6 parts, that is, comprehensive diagnosis, cleaning the immune complexes in blood, removing the immune complexes in the kidneys, block the inflammation, repairing the damaged kidney tissues and rebuilding the damaged immune system.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the natural treatment which is more advanced in drug safety and kidney function improvement. TCM uses various forms to repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidneys. It includes Chinese Herbal Medicine, Medicated Bath, Acupuncture, Massage, Medicinal Liquor etc. To maximize the effectiveness and shorten the treatment course, therapists establish a external form of TCM, that is, Micro-Chinese Medicine, which is used in kidney disease and diabetes in particular.


Dialysis is a common treatment for lupus nephritis, especially when the kidneys cannot work to remove the toxins in the blood. Dialysis helps to remove the small sized waste products in the blood. And to clean the blood, a series of therapies are designed, called blood purification. This treatment is a group of machines to clean your blood, which removes all sized toxins out of the body. For example, the immune adsorption works to eliminate the lupus and immune complexes in the blood.

Kidney Transplant

Kidney Transplant usually becomes the last choice when Lupus Nephritis develops to End Stage Renal Disease. The transplanted kidney may come from the dead people or the alive one. And the latter one is better. After the transplant, you need to take immune suppression medicines for long time. One problem is that, the Lupus may return in the transplanted kidney, if patient's immune system is not rebuilt.

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