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    Routine Urine Test

    2017-04-05 15:30:12Wu Yang137

    As one of the “three conventional detections”, routine urine test can help to detect the protein or sediment in urine in the early time of kidney disease....

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    Five apparent symptoms of primitive nephritis for male.

    2017-03-31 14:14:22lin liu111

    Males pay less attention for their physical condition than females. They don’t notice the diet regulation and ailments, which will be easy to infect the nephritis. Therefore, what are the primitive symptoms of nephritis for males? The fol...

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    Why can’t we cure the kidney disease?

    2017-03-31 14:12:08chaoqun wang159

    The reason why we can’t cure kidney disease lies in the residual toxin in human body. According to the mechanism, there will be three variations in human body due to the deposition of toxin: oxidative stress reaction, ultra immune inflamm...

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    The color of urine

    2017-03-28 11:39:53Wu Yang175

    The normal color of urine is faint yellow. If one has diabetes or insipidus, the color of his urine will be too faint or even transparent...

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    The advice for PKD patients

    2017-03-27 11:21:20lin liu156

      1.The patients should treat the PKD correctly, have a good attitude to it, and establish the confidence to overcome the disease. ...

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