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    What is the reason of high creatinine?

    2017-04-12 17:31:01Jin Liu68

      What is the reason of high creatinine? Diabetic Nephropathy is easily from diabetes with hypertensive and high sugar in blood. While the appearance of high blood pressure as well as sugar,they do harm to blood circulation from which ha...

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    How to treat nephrarctia except renal transplant?

    2017-04-07 09:47:18Wu Yang129

    Patient: I have the Uremia. How to treat nephrarctia except renal transplant?...

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    How to Prevent Diabetic Nephropathy?

    2017-04-07 09:46:21Wu Yang105

    Diabetic nephropathy is a kind of serious complication for diabetes patient. And it is hard to treat especially the last stage of diabetic nephropathy. In fact, as for diabetic nephropathy , the prevention is more important than treatment. ...

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    How long can PKD patients live?

    2017-04-06 14:58:59Wu Yang134

    With proper treatment, the patients can live many years. In western medicine, there is no effective treatment by now. ...

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    Routine Blood Test

    2017-04-05 15:35:24Wu Yang177

    Routine blood test, as the most common, most basic test in blood test, reacts the shape of blood cells in human body...

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