What are renal abnormalities of the rotation

2017-10-30 14:11Wu Yang

  The incidence of abnormal renal rotation is not high, and easily confused and symptoms of kidney stones, the waist will always pain, want to distinguish between these two diseases, must go to hospital for examination, has been confirmed, please is kidney patients with abnormal rotation, to go to the hospital for treatment in time, prevent deterioration, cause renal infarction, causing more pain.

  Renal abnormal rotation, what are the symptoms of kidney abnormalities of the rotation, abnormal rotation kidney pay attention to what

  Some patients have symptoms of lumbar pain on both sides, on the Internet after understanding, feel oneself have a plenty of kidney stones, she went to the pharmacy to buy the drug for treatment of kidney stones, but after treatment for a period of time, it is more pain, to the hospital a check, just know originally not have kidney stones, renal rotation is unusual, but so what are the renal abnormalities of the rotation? Got the disease patients what problem should note again?

  Kidney patients with abnormal rotation, tend to have a dull pain in the abdomen, waist paroxysmal pain. If keep a prone position unchanged for a long time, still can obviously feel the abdomen beat, these symptoms and is very similar to the symptoms of kidney stones, so we should identify them. Kidney rotating bad, often have kidney seeper, but abnormal rotation kidney also has weight, patients with the disease to a lesser degree, the water is generally not serious, do not need treatment, make kidney inspection regularly. Long suffered by abnormal rotation kidney disease patients, will feel weak, if kidney inflammation, can also lead to a fever.

  Kidney patients with abnormal rotation should pay close attention to their kidney health, prevent further progression of disease. Patients should give up smoking, drinking to prevent alcohol, tobacco, to further stimulate inflammation, drinking too much will burn the body organs within the abdominal cavity, causes more pain. Should be controlled diet, preventing overweight, obesity can increase the treatment of renal abnormal rotation difficulty, at the same time, patients should keep a balanced diet, eat more nutritious food, eat less junk food. Don't eat overnight food, don't eat bad food, more do not eat moldy food and its products, which will increase the risk of kidney infections.

  Above is about what renal abnormalities of the rotation is the simple introduction, hope to be helpful to the kidney patients with abnormal rotation, if you have the waist on both sides of the symptoms of chronic pain, abnormal rotation both kidney stones and kidney, to the hospital diagnosed in time, and do further treatment, prevent illness was more serious in imperceptible in development.

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