Several taboos need chronic kidney patients notice

2017-04-23 14:08Jin Liu

  Quit alcohol: the fusel oil and other substances in alcohol can make kidney tissue degeneration and cause cancer, therefore, kidney patients should quit alcohol and prevent liver be damaged.

  Quit smoking: tobacco contains all kinds of hazardous substance, it can damage liver function and restrain kidney cell recover, and therefore, kidney patients must be quit smoking.

  Control emotion: kidney patients may feel angry, disappointment and other negative emotion, however, negative emotion can affect elimination of toxicant, and increase the burden of kidney, it will harmful to their kidney function recover.

  Avoid overwork: kidney is the important metabolism organ of human body, kidney patients has abnormal kidney function, anomalotrophy, so, they may feel tired, and need more rest.

  Never blind take restoratives: every medicine have their own functions, people can’t blind take any medicine, even restoratives.

  Develop regular life style: ample sleep, reasonable nutrition and regular life style are very important to kidney patients.

  Avoid blind see a doctor: never ask for help from unqualified doctor, don’t waste money is also important to help your disease get better.

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