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    What are renal abnormalities of the rotation

    2017-10-30 14:11:48Wu Yang71

    The incidence of abnormal renal rotation is not high, and easily confused and symptoms of kidney stones, the waist will always pain, want to distinguish between these two diseases, must go to hospital for examination, has been confirmed, pl...

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    Several taboos need chronic kidney patients notice

    2017-04-23 14:08:50Jin Liu81

    Several taboos need chronic kidney patients notice...

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    How to protect kidney

    2017-04-22 16:06:31Jin Liu153

    How to protect kidney? Take more exercise and keep human body health are good for reduce blood pressure level and reduce the risk of suffer from chronic kidney disease....

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    What is hypoproteinemia.

    2017-04-14 16:47:50Jin Liu104

     Large proteinuria, lots of plasma albumin lost in urine, or protein compound low in liver, serious malnutrition, all of them can cause plasma albumin reduce, when plasma albumin less 30g/l, it can be diagnosed with hypoproteinemia. Hypopr...

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    Six signs show that your kidney should maintain abnormal con

    2017-04-14 16:35:31Jin Liu153

    Abnormal color and volume. Urine color of normal people is transparent pale yellow, volume is controlled in 1000-2000ml. If urine color has a little red, urine volume turns to be more or less, all of these are manifestations of kidney diseas...

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