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    Are There Any Risks Associated with Dialysis?

    2017-03-06 14:55:13Wu Yang67

    While both peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis are treatments that can save your life, they can have certain risks. ...

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    Why Is Dialysis Used?

    2017-03-06 14:41:31Wu Yang144

    Properly functioning kidneys prevent extra water, waste, and other impurities from accumulating in your body. They also help control blood pressure and regulate the levels of chemicals in the blood, such as sodium, or salt, and potassium. Th...

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    How Does Hemodialysis Work?

    2017-03-06 14:29:41Wu Yang63

    First, you’ll need minor surgery to create direct access to your bloodstream. This can be done in a few ways: ...

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    Who Needs Dialysis?

    2017-03-06 14:24:19Wu Yang97

    If you have chronic kidney disease, you’ll need dialysis or a kidney transplant at some point. “Chronic” means you’ve been slowly losing kidney function over a period of time....

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    What’s Dialysis?

    2017-03-06 14:21:18Wu Yang190

    Your kidneys are two bean-shaped organs that lie just below your rib cage, on each side of your spine. They remove waste from your body, level out your blood pressure, and keep your bones strong. ...

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