Blood Contamination Therapy of TCM to Treat Nephropathy

2014-03-18 15:07lily

As kidney patients increasing day by day around the world, the global medical communities pay more and more attention to the research of kidney disease. Undoubtedly, uremia is the severest, and its complications can take one’s life easily. Moreover, nephropathy is so chronic that it will torture the patient wordlessly. Fortunately, a new therapy is launched in 2014 by kidney professors after repeated trails and researches, called blood contamination therapy. Now let’s look at the introduction as follows.

At first, let’s start with the pathogeny. Kidney disease is a series of clinical symptoms caused by the change of intrinsic cells in kidney, after the invading of various harmful and toxic substances. And the toxic substances can be divided into two categories. One is caused by bacteria infection, which can be treated with antibiotics and traditional Chinese Medicine. The other one is caused by the infection of metabolite deposition in body or environmental pollution, and this kind of nephropathy has not been treatd for a long time.

It is special for blood contamination therapy to treat blood with TCM systematically, through purifying the blood to treat nephropathy.

The blood contamination therapy consists of three procedures:

First, by the means of modern blood physical purification technology (including hemodialysis, hemofiltration, blood immunoadsorption, plasmapheresis and so on), the therapy repeatedly purifies the patients’ blood physically, to reduce the inflammatory factors effectively.

Second, make full use of the medicines and therapies of TCM , to eliminate the retention or resemblance of inflammatory factors effectively in patients’ blood and the focal zone.

Third, according to the treatment ideology in TCM, “nourishing energy and blood, cultivating the strength and immune ability”, we make full use of effective relevant medicines and therapies, focusing on the recovery of disease. Then, we can accelerate the improvement of immune capacity of nephritic patients.

The above is the introduction about blood contamination of TCM, if you have more questions, welcome to consult us.

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