2017-04-08 15:48Shan Nie

For patients with dialysis,do you often feel general weakness?Do you know about the reason?

The cause of general weakness for patients with dialysis is that blood circulation is slow.Kidney is an organ with fearless.When blood circulation becomes slow,it will expand its vessles,letting blood flow to other organs,this causes less blood flow into kidney.With less blood circulation in kidneys,kidney are in ischemia anoxic environment,more renal cells become weak and even dead,that is the reason.

Mr.Liu is a patient with end stage of kidney disease,he felt weak when he came to our hospital,creatinine level reached 824umol/L.Doctor here arranged medicated bath for him.After 5 times of this therapy,weakness and back pain disappeared,creatinine level was reduced to 505 umol/L.

In fact,this therapy has many other functions,such as helping patient have a good sleep,improving blood circulation,sweating,strengthen immunity,especially for patients with skin problem,it can improve itching and dry skin.

Many patients often feel disappointed when they have high creatinine level,here i want to say to say dont worry,no disease is undefeatable,as long as we have full confidence and find effective treatment,there is still chance for you to reverse!Never lose hope!

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