What are the preparations for family peritoneal dialysis?

2017-03-30 14:52Jin Liu

Nowadays many patients choose to do the dialysis at home considering the advantages of it, such as the reduce of price and the lesson of time spending on the road and the hospital. Patients who do peritoneal dialysis at home should pay more attention to this passage.

What are the preparations for family peritoneal dialysis?

Patients should prepare the following things:

1) To make sure you can control the temperature well and to warm the dialysate bag, you should prepare the heater or microwave oven.

2) Patients should prepare related disinfection supplies such as disinfectant alcohol, iodine and sterilizing forceps, sterile gauze, sterile gloves, etc.

3) Ready for accurate weight gauges and measuring device of exchange fluid, formal dialysis forms.

4) For the smooth development of this process, patients should buy enough dialysis items and store them safely.

5) Prepare the clean, bright, sheltered, less people walking room as dialysis dedicated room in order to reduce pollution.

6) patients should prepare the contact information to doctors, such as phone number. If there are some problems unexpectedly, we can solve them timely with the suggestions from our doctor.

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