Renal puncture

2017-03-28 11:48Shan Nie

What is renal puncture? Using a needle stabs into the kidney, then fetchs more than five glomerulars to inspect is renal puncture.

Generally speaking, doctors will give medical care to patients according to laboratory report and a series of clinical features after they got kidney disease, such as anti-inflammation, depressurization, detumescence and etc. However, sometimes the routine examination has no ponderable result and can’t sure which kind of therapy is suitable if kidney disease is complex. Under this condition, doctors will ask for patients to carry through renal puncture for the purpose of making sure the sort of kidney disease and finding out exact therapeutic schedule.

Renal puncture

In some special places, doctors don’t ask the concrete condition of patients. They require patients to do the renal puncture first, then treat the disease. Otherwise, doctors don’t help you to solve your problem.

The pros and cons of renal puncture: renal puncture is very easy to carry out and the result is very accurate which will offer exact guidance to the treatment. Whereas, the price of renal puncture is high and it will cause damage to kidney or trigger many complications.

The appropriate time to do renal puncture: patients should do renal puncture if the protein and blood in urine are difficult to clear away. It is obviously no necessary to do it at the early time. In addition, we need to notice that the renal puncture report is effective in a short time. Doctors can not treat their patients according to the dated report.

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