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    2017-04-08 15:48:30Shan Nie124

    For patients with dialysis,do you often feel general weakness?Do you know about the reason?...

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    How to low Creatinine Levels to the Normal Range?

    2017-03-30 14:56:58Jin Liu187

    Creatinine level is an important sign in judging the stages of kidney disease. The normal range for creatinine levels lays between 0.5 milligrams and 1.2 milligrams for each deciliter of blood. ...

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    What are the preparations for family peritoneal dialysis?

    2017-03-30 14:52:43Jin Liu178

    Nowadays many patients choose to do the dialysis at home considering the advantages of it, such as the reduce of price and the lesson of time spending on the road and the hospital. Patients who do peritoneal dialysis at home should pay more ...

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    Renal puncture

    2017-03-28 11:48:23Shan Nie160

    What is renal puncture? Using a needle stabs into the kidney, then fetchs more than five glomerulars to inspect is renal puncture. ...

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    How Do I Prepare for Dialysis?

    2017-03-06 15:00:06Wu Yang146

    Before your first dialysis treatment, your doctor will surgically implant a tube or device to gain access to your bloodstream. This is typically a quick operation. You should be able to return home the same day. ...

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