Complications of renal puncture

2017-04-08 15:12Jin Liu

First, hematuria: the incidence rate of microscope hematuria is almost 100%, but it will often disappear after one to five days without any disposing. Gross hematuria will occur if needle pierces renal calices or pelvis in renal puncture. Generally speaking, gross hematuria will disappear after one to three days, while sometimes there will be blood clot in gross hematuria or severe bleeding.

Second, perirenal hematoma: the incidence rate of perirenal hematoma is almost 60-90%, little generally, will be absorbed in one or two weeks, without any apparent clinical symptoms. Larger hematoma, usually caused by renal tear or the puncture in large or medium sized vessels, especially in arteries, is rare, which will usually occur in the same day of puncture. If it is serious, blood pressure will decrease, as well as the number of red blood cells. If massive bleeding occurs, we should take the operation.

renal puncture

Third, backache: the incidence rate of backache is almost 17-60%, and it will disappear more than one week later. Most patients will keep this symptom all their lives, especially in cloudy and rainy days.

Fourth, arterio-venous fistula: the incidence rate of arterio-venous fistula is from 15% to 19%,and most patients without symptoms. Typical symptoms of it include severe hematuria, perirenal hematuria, refractory hypertention, progressive heart failure and waist and abdominal vascular murmur. If serious, we should take the operation timely.

Fifth, injure on other organs: this injure often occur when puncture in wrong point or deeper than it should. If serious, we should take the operation timely.

Sixth, infection: the incidence rate of infection is very low, and more from the undemanding sterile mesures, which lead to the perirenal infection or nephropyelitis.

Seventh, death: the incidence rate of death is from 0% to 0.1%, which is caused by massive bleeding, infection, kidney injure and other complications.

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