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  Hemodialysis adopting dispersion, ultrafiltration and convection to eliminate toxic elements and extra water is one of the most common kidney replacement therapy, and suitable for treating drug or poison intoxication.

  Step 1

  Patients 'blood vessel is mainly center temporary vein pipe. Upper limb's artery exhausts because of making internal fistula repeatedly. Original fistula hemangioma or stenosis need artificial blood vessel fistula operation to build up hemodialysis extracorporeal circulation.

  Step 2

  Body internal fistula plasty of vein and artery makes the blood in the artery flow into superficial vein to the extent of hemodialysis needing blood volume through surgery for vascular access.

  Step 3

  Making vein and artery internal fistula puncture, and blood outputs from artery end, from blood bump to the machine. Solute moves from highly concentrated solution to low concentration though Semipermeable membrane. Blood and dialyzate exchange in the machine by the Semipermeable membrane contact and concentration gradient to clean solute.

  Step 4

  The blood purified goes back to patient's body though vein and get well.

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