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    How Long Can I Live Without Treatment 14% Kidney Function?

    2017-04-24 16:24:12Wu Yang61

    Nowadays, kidney disease becomes more and more popular, because it can be caused by so many factors, such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, infections, drugs overdose, etc. For kidney patients, they often suffer from great pains wit...

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    Urine test

    2017-04-14 16:39:45Jin Liu148

      Our kidneys are great excretory organs that can prevent protein from leaking into urine. Therefore, the amount of various proteins in urine can reflect the extent of kidney damage. If you have a urine test, the following substances may...

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    Complications of renal puncture

    2017-04-08 15:12:15Jin Liu103

    First, hematuria: the incidence rate of microscope hematuria is almost 100%, but it will often disappear after one to five days without any disposing....

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    2017-03-06 16:00:48Wu Yang106

    Hemoperfusion Hemoperfusion is a kind of blood purification drawing patients' blood from internal to extracorporeal system, eliminating toxic and metabolite through adsorption in the perfusion machine, coming into being different complex bl...

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    2017-03-06 16:00:40Wu Yang101

    Hemodialysis hemodialysis.gif Hemodialysis adopting dispersion, ultrafiltration and convection to eliminate toxic elements and extra water is one of the most common kidney replacement therapy, and suitable for treating drug or poison intoxi...

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