How to Prevent Aggravation of IgA Nephropathy

2017-04-23 14:10Jin Liu

  How to Prevent Aggravation of IgA Nephropathy?

  Ensure enough rest

  Overworking and strenuous exercises will make hematuria relapse or aggravate, so patients need to avoid overworking and keep a regular daily routine. Avoid staying up, keeping a positive mood, and take some mild exercises, which helps a lot to improve the condition.

  Keep a bland diet

  IGA nephropathy usually accompanies pharyngitis or amygdalitis which in turn makes the condition worse. Accordingly, it is important to keep a bland diet, avoid spicy food, and forbid alcohol and smoking.

  Be careful about medicines

  There are certain medicines that cause harms to kidney function, such as dutchmanspipe root. Patients with IGA nephropathy should avoid this kind of medicines. Otherwise, it will cause further damages to kidney function.

  Prevent infection

  IGA nephropathy patients have poor immune system. Infections, such as upper respiratory infection, amygdalitis, and urinary tract infection will worsen the conditions. Therefore, patients need do their best to prevent infection. Mild exercise is a better way to reinforce immune system. Meanwhile, vitamin supplement also helps a lot.

  Stay away from crowded place

  Crowded place is a risk factors of various infections. It is better to stay away from the crowed place. If patients have to go there, a guaze mask contributes a lot to prevent the infection.

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