IGA nephropathy

    What About The Immunotherapy For Patients With IgA Nephropat

    2017-04-28 11:50:59Wu Yang115

    IgA Nephropathy is a kind of kidney disease caused by kidney glomerulus inflammation and mesangial proliferative. Can IgA Nephropathy be cured or which treatment is the better choice is always concerned by patients. Today, we will talk abou...

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    How Long Can IgA Nephropathy Patients Live

    2017-04-28 11:49:48Wu Yang160

    How long can IgA Nephropathy patients live is always be concerned by the relatives of patients. With the increasing of the morbidity, more and more people are troubled by the death rate of IgA Nephropathy. Today, we will talk about that how...

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    IgA Nephropathy And Hypertension: What Should Be Treatment

    2017-04-28 11:49:00Wu Yang116

    IgA nephropathy is an autoimmune disease, and patients will get gradually reduced kidney function. With development of this disease, patients can get some severe symptoms, and hypertension is a common one. Then what should be treatment for...

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    How to Prevent Aggravation of IgA Nephropathy

    2017-04-23 14:10:40Jin Liu95

    How to Prevent Aggravation of IgA Nephropathy...

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    How Does IgA Nephropathy Affect Kidneys

    2017-04-20 15:08:47Wu Yang63

    IgA Nephropathy, known as Berger’s disease is a common glomerulonephritis, which is mainly caused by depositing of IgA immune complexes. How does the disease affect kidneys? Let’s learn about the questions here! Any questions after read...

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