What is the clinical symptoms of hypertensive renal disease?

2017-04-27 17:06Wu Yang

  What is the clinical symptoms of hypertensive renal disease? Many patients suffering high blood pressure for many years, if that disease cannot be controlled well, it is very easy to become hypertensive renal disease. Let us tell you more information about this kidney disease. If you have any other questions on kidney disease, please consult our online doctors or leave your questions below.

  The clinical symptoms of hypertensive renal disease:

  Generally, serious swelling is the first symptom of hypertensive disease. If it is very serious, patients will appear the symptoms of pleural effusion and ascites which will lead to hard breath, exomphalocele or inguinal hernia.

  A large volume of proteinuria which is the main symptoms of nephrotic syndrome. When an adult’s proteinuria volume is more than 3.5g per day we can call it plenty of proteinuria.

  Hypoproteinemia, serum albumin decreased, serum albumin <30g/l, the severity of the problem was less than 10g/l.

  Hyperlipoidemia. Blood cholesterol, triglycerides and so on were increased obviously.

  The stages of hypertensive renal disease:

  Ⅰ: The stage of Microalbuminuria. Urinary albumin excretion rate was characterized by abnormal, but kidney function is normal and proteinuria is normal in routine urine test.

  Ⅱ: The stage of clinical proteinuria. The feature is protein in urine is positive in routine urine test and proteinuria more than 0.5g per day. Kidney function is normal.

  Ⅲ: The stage of renal failure stage. Creatinine clearance lower than normal range and serum creatinine level higher than normal range. The stage of renal failure stage can be divided into two stages which are non dialysis stage and dialysis stage.

  So patients need pay attention on their high blood pressure if they have this disease for more than 5 years. Control the blood pressure and check the body condition regularly.

  If you want to know more information of hypertensive renal disease or have question on other kidney disease, you can consult our online doctors or leave your question and contact way below, our doctors will contact you later. You also can send us an email. Our email address is sjzdoctors@gmail.com.

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