How does high blood pressure induce kidney shrinkage?

2017-04-27 16:36Wu Yang

  High blood pressure is one common disease in our daily life. If controlled well, patients won’t suffer from severe complications. Otherwise, high blood pressure may cause some severe problems like kidney shrinkage. How does high blood pressure induce kidney shrinkage?

  High blood pressure

  Hypertension usually happens older than 40~50 years old. To manage high blood pressure, patients may be suggested to take various anti-hypertensive medications such as ACEI, ARBs, calcium channel blockers (CCB), diuretics, and so on. Generally, these medications can help manage these patients’ high blood pressure effectively.

  High blood pressure and kidney shrinkage

  If high blood pressure can’t be managed very well, more than 5~10 years’ medical history will cause kidney damage. It can cause the thickness of muscular artery, glassy degeneration of small artery wall, and progressive shrinkage of lumen. Accordingly, inflammatory tissues replace inherent kidney functioning tissues gradually. Finally, renal nephrons lose progressively and kidneys shrink. If untreated effectively, kidney shrinkage may aggravate into end stage kidney failure.

  Finding out the underlying cause, patients should take treatments to manage it.

  The above content has listed some medicines that can help lower high blood pressure. When kidneys are damaged by hypertension, patients may have proteinuria easily. In this condition, ACEI and ARBs are the preferred medicines. If hypertensive kidney disease is accompanied with swelling, patients can choose diuretics. In severe cases, patients are suggested to take more than two types of anti-hypertensive medicines that can strengthen their therapeutic effects and lower their side effects.

  During the management of high blood pressure, patients should also take some therapies to protect their kidneys and keep kidney size. If patients are diagnosed with kidney shrinkage, they should take some therapies that can refresh kidney functioning tissues and save renal nephrons.

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