hypertensive nephropathy

    What is the clinical symptoms of hypertensive renal disease?

    2017-04-27 17:06:59Wu Yang156

    What is the clinical symptoms of hypertensive renal disease? Many patients suffering high blood pressure for many years, if that disease cannot be controlled well, it is very easy to become hypertensive renal disease. Let us tell you more i...

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    Hypertensive Nephropathy often don not have symptoms

    2017-04-27 17:01:08Wu Yang177

    Hypertensive Nephropathy often don not have symptoms, except high blood pressure, in the early stages. When it does have signs, they vary from person to person. If you do have symptoms, they may include: ● High blood pressure ● Edema (f...

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    How does high blood pressure induce kidney shrinkage?

    2017-04-27 16:36:21Wu Yang81

    High blood pressure is one common disease in our daily life. If controlled well, patients won’t suffer from severe complications. Otherwise, high blood pressure may cause some severe problems like kidney shrinkage. How does high blood pre...

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    How to Control Hypertension for Hypertensive Nephropathy Pat

    2017-04-24 17:17:36Wu Yang178

    High blood pressure or hypertension is one of common diseases among people, and it is also a leading factor to cause kidney disease. Therefore, it is very essential to well control our blood pressure. Well then, how to control blood pressur...

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    The Daily Care and Health Care of Hypertension Nephropathy

    2017-04-15 16:52:35Jin Liu188

     The hypertension nephropathy results from high blood pressure. Rational nursing can ease patients’ state of illness. So the daily care and health care is quite important. Only with good control of the illness can the patients’ loss th...

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