Patient'Case and Answer

    2014-04-21 16:59:31lily202

    TheDiseaseCase:Indians 26 occasionaltiredness 12mmstoneinleftkidneyrenalcysts Answer: Firstly,Iwouldlikeyoutoknowthatkidneystonemeansyourrenalfunctionhasbeenaffectedandbeenabnormal.Asweknow,healthypersonwontsufferfromkidneystone.Andkidneyst...

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    The Differences Between Uremia and Renal Failure

    2014-03-29 16:39:48lily119

    We can distinguish uremia according to the symptoms in early stage of uremia. However, other common diseases can also have symptoms which are similar, such as fatigue, edema. Therefore, it is easy for non-professional persons to confuse ure...

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    What is Acute Glomerular Nephritis

    2014-03-22 21:19:13lily213

    In recent years, the morbidity of nephrotis is increasing. If patients are not pay attention to the symptoms of nephritis, they may miss the best time for treatment. Therefore, we need to know the symptoms of nephritis in advance so that we ...

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    Is kidney uncurable

    2014-03-04 17:07:07lily155

    Patient: Is kidney uncurable? Expert: Many people think that once they are diagnosed with kidney disease, especially uremia, they have little chance to treat. However, it is an incorrect thought. With the development of mecial technologies a...

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