What are the visitation policies that I should know?

    2017-04-22 01:32:53Wu Yang105

    Different from other hospitals, there's no limitation of visiting hours here. We provide 24 hour service per day, which explains why you can visit whenever you want....

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    What Should I Prepare for My Visit to Your Hospital?

    2017-04-21 17:00:24Wu Yang165

    If you plan to visit our hospital, you are suggested to bring a list of any medicines or herbal supplements you are currently taking. You need to prepare the medicines which can be taken for about at least 1 week.Other necessary things you...

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    Does renal transplant means health once and for all?

    2017-04-16 14:04:13Jin Liu139

     A successful renal transplant and well being afterwards depends on the following points.   1. The patient’s condition is the basis. To guarantee the success of the surgery and long term stability after it, uremic patients should co...

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    Hyperlipidemia matters needing attention

    2017-04-16 14:00:36Jin Liu138

    1 Limit high-fat foods: strictly choose low cholesterol food, such as vegetables, bean products, lean meat, jellyfish, especially eat more fiber vegetables, can reduce the intestinal absorption of cholesterol.But, not one-sided emphasis on h...

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    Precautions in the treatment of kidney disease.

    2017-03-31 14:09:45chaoqun wang89

    At first, avoiding misdiagnosis and mistreatment. Chronic kidney disease tend to be misdiagnosed and mistreat for its complex mechanism and the deficient methods in treatment. Therefore, in the treatment patients should search for the profes...

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