Shan Hongyin

    2016-12-17 15:57:49lily142

    Du Xuchun has a high reputation as an old expert. He gets particular achivement in the treatment of kidney diseases. And he have published many thesis about treating uremia with TCM、early prevention and control of chronic renal failure, r...

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    Liu Luchuan

    2014-03-15 14:56:03lily257

    Liu Luchuan, the attending doctor, graduates from medical experts school in September,1975 and then begins to be occupied in hospital. So far, he accumulates abundant clinical experience not only in in kidney diseases treatment, but also ta...

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    Wang Zhanping

    2014-03-14 17:34:18lily138

    Wang Zhanping, is a chief physician. He is also a committee member of kidney disease professional committee and director of the institute of traditional Chinese medicine. He has pulished more than 30 medical papers on medical journals....

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    Zhang Liguang

    2014-03-04 18:30:35lily276

    Zhang Liguang, a kidney expert, has engaged in the clinical work of more than ten years and accumulated abundant clinical experience, especally in kidney disease and the compilications. In addition, he is popular with patients for his rigor...

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