diabetic nephropathy

    What is good to eat polycystic kidney?

    2017-02-25 16:46:46Wu Yang69

    What is good to eat polycystic kidney? Experts pointed out: the diet should be light-based, eat fresh vegetables and fruits such as carrots, high vitamin C kiwi fruit, oranges, jujube, etc., appropriate consumption will strengthen the immun...

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    Common Preventive Measures for Diabetic Nephropathy

    2017-02-25 16:42:35Wu Yang132

     Common preventive measures:   1.Experts introduce to strictly control blood sugar. Blood sugar continues to rise, which can induce fat cholesterol metabolism disorders, ...

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    Diabetes type 2 patients how safe drinking water

    2017-02-25 16:40:17Wu Yang153

    Studies have shown that appropriate alcohol consumption can achieve beneficial effects, such as increasing high-density lipoprotein and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Some studies have found that appropriate alcohol consumption...

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    Common preventive measures of diabetic nephropathy?

    2017-02-25 16:31:35Wu Yang119

    Common precautions:   1, experts, to strictly control blood sugar, blood sugar continued to rise, will induce fat cholesterol metabolism, promote glomerular. Renal capillary thickening of the endometrial degeneration, so that the loss o...

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    How to drink safely with type 2 diabetes?

    2017-01-25 10:37:25lin liu200

    Studies have shown that moderate alcohol consumption may have favorable effects such as, raising good cholesterol (HDL) and lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease....

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