Nursing for the Aged with Diabetic Nephropathy

2017-04-22 16:10Jin Liu

  Diabetic nephropathy is a common complication of diabetes. It brings threat to health and life. There are some measures to nurse patients with diabetic nephropathy.

  Control blood sugar

  High blood sugar is responsible for kidney lesion. Keeping blood sugar under control helps delay the process to diabetic nephropathy. Stable blood sugar contributes to stable kidney function. It is better to keep blood sugar under 6.5mmol/L.

  Keep blood pressure under control

  Diabetic nephropathy tends to cause high blood pressure. High blood pressure, in turn, aggravates the condition. The aged with diabetic nephropathy need measure blood sugar every day. And when blood sugar is higher than 150/90mmHg, the treatment is needed immediately.

  Protect blood vessels

  Diabetic nephropathy patients have poor blood elasticity, which is easily hurt. Therefore, it is necessary to keep gentle and mild action when the patients are taking intravenous puncture.

  Psychological care

  Negative moods, such as pessimism, disappointment, and fear, affect immune system and endocrine system, which worsen the condition. It is better to remove the negative moods and keep a positive and stable mood, which helps get a better therapeutic effect.

  Skin care

  Due to the decrease of immune system, microvascular disorder, and focal circulation obstacle, and increase of sugar accumulated in skin, the resistant ability of skin degenerates, which tends to cause infection. Therefore, patients need to pay attention to personal hygiene. Ventilate at regular time, take shower frequently, and avoid scratching skin.

  Diet care

  Diet care is the fundamental treatment of diabetic nephropathy treatment. Limit the intake of salt, protein, preserved food, fried food, animal giblets, sugar, etc.. Supplement vitamin A and vitamin C. Take more green leaf vegetables which helps prevent constipation.

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