Healthy Diet for Diabetics

2017-03-30 14:58Jin Liu

There are three appropriate diet:

1. If the diabetes patients eat the food such as the grain, buckwheat, oats, corn and some others which are rich in vitamin B, a variety of trace elements and fiber staple food, for a long time, they will be decrease the lever of the blood-sugar and blood-fat.

2. Beans and bean products are rich in protein, inorganic salt and vitamin, and soybean oil contains unsaturated fatty acid.

3. Bitter melon, onion, mushroom, grapefruit, pumpkin can reduce blood sugar, is the most ideal food for diabetes patients, such as long-term use of some propolis, have fall blood sugar and prevention of complications, the effect will be better.

Healthy Diet for Diabetics

Diabetes’ diet also needs notice the "three not":

1.The unfavorable eat foods include all kinds of sugar, candied fruit, canned fruit, soda, juice, jam, sweet ice cream, biscuits, etc.

2.The diabetes patients should not eat food containing high levels of cholesterol and animal fat, such as the animal's brain, liver, heart, lung, and waist, egg yolk, fat, butter, pig tallow oil, etc.,

3.The diabetes patients should not be drinking, alcohol can make blood glucose fluctuations, a large number of drinking on an empty stomach, can produce severe hypoglycemia.

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