How to use massage to help treat kidney disease

    2017-03-02 14:45:11Shan Nie218

    Massage is a kind of kidney health care, one of traditional Chinese medicine therapy. According to Chinese experts, massage can also help the treatment of kidney disease, but also a medical basis. Let's take a closer look....

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    Acute nephritis attention to the diet

    2017-03-02 14:30:09Wu Yang127

    Suffering from acute nephritis patients, urine often acidic, if eat alkaline foods, can make the urine was alkaline, is conducive to the treatment of the disease....

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    Low-protein low-potassium how is it?

    2017-03-01 10:19:26Wu Yang118

    Kidney disease is a very obvious feature of urinary protein and potassium loss, which also has a lot of patients asked us in addition to medication outside the diet should pay attention to what...

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    Kidney stone prevention tips ----- Tomato Eggplant

    2017-03-01 09:54:30Wu Yang63

    Now the social food safety issues directly affect people's health, the number of stones in the hospital is also increasing, looking at the number of patients will increase every year, really feel more and more healthy, today, Dr. Li to teach...

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    Children with kidney disease should pay attention to how to

    2017-02-26 15:35:24Shan Nie151

    Many patients believe that suffering from kidney disease, on the rest and rest, not too tired, so physical exercise is often kidney patients "abandoned." ...

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