The diet therapy for hypertensive nephropathy

    2017-01-21 11:19:05lin liu124

    With the improvement of living standards, a variety of high fat, high protein, high calorie foods led to the occurrence of high blood pressure, and without timely treatment of high blood pressure...

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    Diet for Kidney Stones

    2017-01-20 11:21:05Rank name122

    1. Drinking more water Drinking more water can dilute the urine, and the concentration of calcium ions and oxalic acid will be reduced, which makes the calcium oxalate stones can not appear. Studies show that the increase of 50% of the urin...

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    The Proper Diet for Dialysis Patient

    2017-01-19 11:43:24lin liu199

    The dialysis patients usually have the limited diet so it leads to the lack of water solubility....

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    Diet Principles of Kidney Diseases

    2014-03-06 20:32:58lily101

    People suffering from kidney diseases should carefully monitor their diet so as to eliminate the chances of accumulation of toxic substances in their bodies. Experts of The Fourth hospital of Xingtai offer a few diet principles of Kidney di...

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