The Proper Diet for Dialysis Patient

2017-04-16 13:38Jin Liu

  The dialysis patients usually have the limited diet so it leads to the lack of water solubility.

  Vitamin B, like vitamin B1, vitamin B2,vitamin B6, vitamin C, folic acid and iron, zinc microelement. especially shall add the intake of vitamin B6. you mum can take 10 milligrams of that, and 2 times per day, this is because the Vitamin B activity of CKD patients is apparently reduced.

  the patient usually has less iron , with iron-deficiency , so she can take 300mg ferrous sulfate one time and 3 times per day. For those who can't take the oral medicine, you can use the dextranum intramuscular injection and mainline, or use the iron sucrose mainline.

  Meanwhile, the patient will get low level of zinc, which is relevant to protein intake, so it's important for the patient with low protein food to take 15-40mg zinc. it will improve the cell immunity, recover the taste sense and increase appetite.

  vitamin D3 also shall be add, but the you shall check the serum calcium and phosphate level, in case of the hypercalcemia. some of the patients have high vitamin A, which would stimulate the parathyroid hormone secretion, and thus leading to renal osteodystrophy and lipid metabolism disorder. so the vitamin A intake shall be appropriate, not too much.

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