Why have you suffered the diabetic kidney disease?

2017-04-15 16:58Jin Liu

  Diabetic kidney disease major cause of the original or secondary (E.g: genetic and environmental factors, the absolute and relative insulin deficiency, insulin resistance, hyperglycemia, metabolic abnormalities syndrome) accompanied by the immune regulatory function in the pathogenesis of obstacles, causing the body's blood sugar rises, so intrinsic glomerular cells a series of pathological changes, resulting in glomerular basement membrane thickening, stenosis, vasoconstriction, microcirculation, leading to renal ischemia and hypoxia, glomerular capillary damage peritubular further inflammatory infiltration, start renal fibrosis, kidney inherent cell phenotypic transformation occurs, a large amount of extracellular matrix synthesis, substituted healthy kidney intrinsic cells, the development of glomerular sclerosis, necrosis. So we called diabetic glomerular basement membrane disease.

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