The Rebirth of a Hydremic Nephritis Boy

    2014-03-07 16:11:31lily217

    Xiaozhi is a hydremic nephritis boy, whose mother, Mrs Zhang is a typical great mother. The following is about the process of xiaozhi and his mother seeking for treatment. They had tried many hospitals and the effectas were not good. Xiaozh...

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    A Patient with Nephritic Syndrome Sent a Silk Banner to Our

    2014-03-06 15:42:47lily191

    On November 8th, Fourth Hospital of Xingtai City received a silk banner to director Zhang Liguang,which was sent by a nephrotic syndrome patient, Zhaoqiang. He wanted to extend his thanks to director Zhang for his painstaking treatment and...

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    Treat Patients as Brothers

    2014-03-04 16:40:42lily179

    Hao Dengjun is a patient with renal failure in The Fourth Hospital of Xingtai City. During his hospitalization, he deeply feels the warmth of The Fourth Hospital of Xingtai City. Doctors in The Hospital of Xingtai City not only treat him as...

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