The Case for PKD Ms.Wang

    2017-02-02 09:37:26Wu Yang76

    Personal profile:   Wang Huiying, female, aged 46, in Anyang, Henan Province....

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    The Case for PKD Mr.Liu

    2017-02-02 09:36:38Wu Yang174

      Patient: Liu Xiaojian, male, 54 years old, Handan City, Hebei Province. ...

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    The Case for PKD Mr.Zhang

    2017-02-02 09:35:24Rank name133

    Supervisor doctor:   Zhang Yongfeng   Patient:   Zhang Chunzhi, female, 62years old, Handan city Hebei province....

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    A Case about Polycystic Kidney Disease

    2017-02-01 14:11:10lin liu159

      A short period of ten days, the urine of patients with polycystic kidney had such an effect, the cyst also reduced by 5 cm. ...

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    The Case for PKD Mr.Wang

    2017-02-01 13:59:59lin liu67

      Patient:   Mr Wang   Symptoms:   Back fatigue and back pain after exercise.   Diagnosis:   Polycystic kidney disease, kidney stones. ...

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