Hands and feet sweat is kidney empty

2017-10-30 13:44Wu Yang

  Kidney had become a lot of people hiding anything, worry about suffering from kidney. Kidney empty is not terrible, terrible is that we don't know anything about kidney empty. Kidney empty is classification, there are three different categories have different symptoms, the symptoms of different nature also will have different methods of treatment, must not blindly go to a doctor, so as to avoid aggravating illness.

  A lot of people have the symptoms of hands and feet sweat, have also been in doubt yourself this kind of circumstance is kidney empty, expert explains, hands and feet to sweat heart fever is not necessarily a kidney empty, pure hand and foot sweat, not accompanied by other symptoms of kidney empty, basically can be ruled out themselves with kidney disease, kidney empty what are the symptoms? Now let's learn together!

  When it comes to the symptoms of kidney empty, the first to tell me the parting of the kidney deficiency, kidney deficiency can be divided into the kidney Yang deficiency and kidney Yin deficiency and kidney deficiency, kidney empty, exhibit symptoms is not the same.

  Kidney deficiency patients appeared more lumbar debility, legs weak symptoms appear hair loss, loose teeth, severe cases can lead to tooth loss. Can't sleep at night, even asleep, also easy to sweat, say talk in a dream, and so on. Many patients showed the symptoms and commonly known as the touchy about, such as urine yellow urine, defecate dry, often can not get the attention of the patient, think it is good to drink lots of water.

  Patients with kidney Yang deficiency also can appear lumbar debility, but is more of the lower extremities chills, namely below the waist always feel cold. Felt dizzy, there will be distracted, depression. Patients with kidney Yang deficiency is often associated with gastrointestinal symptoms, defecate long drain more than, for example, the valley, and not even diarrhea, easily confused and diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease. In severe cases can appear in patients with abdominal pain, flustered shortness of breath.

  Kidney deficiency in patients with weak constitution, climb stairs, no weight will also feel shortness of breath, whole person was white, not red color. Under the condition of normal water, can appear frequency, the normal amount of drinking water at night, for example, patients with these diseases need to night to go to the toilet three times, the most male symptom is, spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation, caused a lot of trouble to his normal life.

  Actually kidney empty these symptoms are not terrible, as the saying goes, nine, ten does not want to because you have these symptoms have low self-esteem, don't want to associate with others. Don't sick speculation, believe folk prescription casually, because different methods of kidney empty supplements, optional supplements will only cause the fill the empty cases. Want to confirmed your have kidney empty, or want to know is what kind of kidney empty, must be checked to normal hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and treatment.

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