The Case of PKD Mr.Chang

2017-02-04 14:07lin liu

  1. Patient:

  Chang Quangui, male, 58 years old, Hebi city, Henan province.

  2. Condition when admission:

  Having PKD for 20 years old with renal function insufficiency, and receiving decompression of the top of the head for two times. The largest cyst 5.0*3.9cm blood cell 2.85*1012/l, hemoglobin 79g/l 0.27l./l, hematocrit 0.27l./L, blood pressure is not high, serum creatinine 566.0umol/l.

  3. Discharged condition:

  After receiving the treatment of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for three months, urinary creatinine was 6591.2umol/l in 24 hours, the cyst was 4.1cm*3.0cm. red blood cell 3.15*1012/l, hemoglobin 95g/l, urinary creatinine was 7621.2umol/l in 24 hours, blood creatinine 310.0umol/l.

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