The Case of PKD Mr.Liu

2017-02-02 09:39Wu Yang


  Liu Mingcheng, male, 50 years old, Nanchang, Jiangxi.


  Polycystic kidney, polycystic liver, renal insufficiency, stage of azotemia.

  Admission examination:

  Bp110/75mmhg, t36.9, P90 / min, R20 / min, heart and lung without pathological murmur. Abdominal wall shows the size of the bulge, severe pitting edema on double lower limbs. Laboratory examination: hemoglobin 95g/l. Urine red blood cell microscopy: full field of red blood cells, blood urea nitrogen 17.4mmol/l, serum creatinine 338.9umol/l. B Ultrasound: double kidney renal polycystic kidney and polycystic liver.

  Discharge conditions:

  good spirit, strong body, good sleeping and a good appetite. Testing expresses: urine red blood cell count 10 ~ 15 /hp, blood creatinine 312umol/l. blood urine nitrogen 13.1mmol/l, hemoglobin 121g/l. The patient's abdomen is flat and soft, and has less abdominal palpation mass on both sides, which is the reduced kidneys after treatment.

  After discharged from hospital, the patient insist on the consolidation of micro traditional Chinese medicine treatment outside the hospital. And the effect from returning visit is good.

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