The Case of PKD Mr.Chang

    2017-02-04 14:07:16lin liu85

    1. Patient:   Chang Quangui, male, 58 years old, Hebi city, Henan province....

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    The Case of PKD Mr.Yali

    2017-02-04 14:04:31Rank name142

    Liu Yali, male, 22 years old, Yueyang city Hunan province.   Diagnosis:   Polycystic kidney disease....

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    A Case of PKD Mr he

    2017-02-04 14:02:54chaoqun wang215

    Mr he has got a high creatinine level caused by polycystic kidney disease. After the treatment for a week, the liquid in the cysts was infiltrated, the pressure of the cyst decreased, and the size of the kidney was reduced...

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    Rehabilitation case for PKD patients Ms.Ren

    2017-02-04 14:01:00Wenyue73

    Introduction:   Ren Xiaofang, female, 58 years old, a farmer.   Diagnosis:   polycystic kidney, renal insufficiency uremia, renal anemia....

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    The Case of PKD Mr.Liu

    2017-02-02 09:39:34Wu Yang140

    Patient:   Liu Mingcheng, male, 50 years old, Nanchang, Jiangxi....

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