Medical Process

    2017-09-27 17:35:34lily169

    The Fourth hospital of Xingtai City brings hope to hundreds of people with its unique technology. Since many people are not familiar with our medical procedure, we would like to introduce briefly here to make it convenient for patients. Ste...

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    Hospital Service of Beijing Tongshantang Hospital

    2017-09-27 17:31:48lily123

    Hospital Service of Beijing Tongshantang Hospital...

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    Itemm of Services

    2017-09-27 17:30:15lily166

    Provide free online consultation about your illness condition or give you professional advices via other approaches like email, phone. Offer a systemic introduction of different types of Kidney Disease including causes, diagnosis, treatment...

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    Strict control of service standards

    2017-09-27 17:15:08Wu Yang86

    "This is my son's clothes, he is almost with the ocean, should be able to wear." In the hospital hospital in Shijiazhuang kidney disease, the head of the clothes handed Zhang Sister's hands said....

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    all for the patient, for all patients

    2017-09-27 17:13:03Wu Yang69

    As the saying goes: "What do not get sick", a healthy body once infected with pain, especially suffering from difficult to cure the disease, the heart will undoubtedly carry a heavy burden. "Difficult to see a doctor" difficult where? Hospit...

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