What Are the Causes of Relapse in Nephrotic Syndrome

2017-04-21 16:50Wu Yang

  It is well known that Nephrotic Syndrome is more likely to relapse, but most patients do not know the causes. More worrying, every relapse of nephrotic syndrome will speed up kidney failure, which is a life-threatening things. To prevent the condition, we firstly should know the causes. Here, let’s talk about what are the its causes of relapse

  Actually, treating nephrotic syndrome is indeed a long process, during which patients have to bear various body malaise. Through consulting the kidney expert who work in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital of China, we get the following conclusions:

  1. Improper medicines

  Some nephrotic syndrome patients stop or reduce the dosage of medicines as long as some symptoms like swelling, proteinuria disappear. It is easy to cause relapse. In addition, hormone therapy also cannot get the curative effect. Therefore, patients must take medicines under the instructions of the doctor.

  2. Infection

  The relapse of nephrotic syndrome has a close connection with infection, especially for upper respiratory infections, namely cold. Sometimes when patients have cold, they will suffer from protein in urine or edema, while when patients recover, proteinuria or swelling will also disappear. But in severe condition, even though patients recover, they need to increase dosage of hormone to control related symptoms.

  3. Hereditary

  Clinical studies show that Nephrotic Syndrome’s relapse is associated with the antigenicity of white blood cells. And patients with antigenicity of white blood cells more likely to relapse. And this antigenicity is inherited. That is to say, those patients have to suffer from frequent relapse.

  4. Long-term intake of prednison

  If syndrome nephrotic patients take prednison for a long time, it will cause cortical atrophy. Once you stop taking prednison, the cortical atrophy cannnot secrete enough steroid, which may contribute to the recurrence of NS.

  After understanding the causes, then you should take effective treatments to stop the condition. If you are interested in natural treatments, please submit your specific illness condition below or email to sjzdoctors@gmail.com

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