How Does TCM Treats Nephrotic Syndrome(NS)

2014-03-15 11:17lily

There are many therapies to treat the nephrotic syndrome(NS). As we all know, both of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the Chinese medicine can better prevent the recurrence of nephrotic syndrome. Therefore, let’s look at how traditional Chinese medicine treats the nephrotic syndrome?

Nephrotic syndrome can be treated coordinated with traditional Chinese medicine. TCM is effective in detumescence, diuresis, improving patients’ condition, and relieving the side effects of steroid and cyclophosphamide.

Patient should be treated with dialectical prescription according to their specific disease state. Patients with NS can be divided into the people with deficiency of yin and the people with yang deficiency. So we can treat them with the prescriptions which can replenish their energy, invigorate their spleen or warm their kidneys, such as Xiangsha six gentlemen decoction, astragalus fangji decoction or Zhenwu decoction

If patients have been treated with hormone for a long time, they may suffer from the deficiency of yin, endogenous heat or damp heat. In this case, we need to adopt the therapy which can nourish yin, clear away heat and wet, in order to reduce the side effects of hormones. Meanwhile, in the tapering process of hormone, we can use the therapy to nourish kidney, warm yang, and replenish qi and blood.

The Tripterygium wilfordii can inhibit immunity and reduce the function of urine protein, which can be combined with hormone in the treatment. Astragalus can reduce urinary protein and accelerate the synthesis of albumin by liver, which should be in decoction. Cordyceps sinensis can also be used for nephrotic syndrome treatment, and it has the function of reducing blood and fat, as well as enhancing patients’ immunity. Salvia miltiorrhiza has the functions, like promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, anticoagulant etc., which can be oral or intravenous injection,

The above is our professors’ simple introduction of how TCM treats NS. Hope this can help patients with nephropathy. If you want to know more , welcome to click online consultation or call our health hotline, our experts will be kind to solve your problems in detail!

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