What kind of nephrotic syndrome is hard to be treated ?

2017-04-14 16:31Jin Liu

  Whether the disease is hard to be treated or not depends on the clinical manifestations of patients with nephrotic syndrome . First look at patients with urinary protein components, urinary protein in patients with IgG immunoglobulin and high globulin in patients with high treatment difficulty, followed by the onset was not accompanied by high blood pressure, if accompanied by high Blood pressure of patients, the treatment of more difficult. Next depends on the kidney function when attacked of the nephrotci syndrome patients, if there has been a decline in renal function in patients with more difficult; there is the problem of age, adult nephrotic syndrome is more difficult to treat children with nephrotic syndrome; the last look at the onset of nephrotic syndrome patients if with gross hematuria, with gross hematuria is relatively difficult to treat. We can refer to the above five clinical experience to determine their own degree of difficulty in the treatment of nephrotic syndrome, and actively cooperate with medical treatment, strive to achieve better therapeutic effect.

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