nephrotic syndrome

    How to prevent children's kidney disease

    2017-10-28 16:32:25Wu Yang162

    Children's kidney disease difficult to treat, but not bad, if there are children with kidney disease in the home, be sure to early onset of treatment adherence in children...

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    What’s prognosis of nephrotic syndrome in children

    2017-04-21 16:52:31Wu Yang146

    Nephrotic Syndrome is a condition which are prone to appear on children. In children, nephrotic syndrome may only be temporary, or it may be an early sign of kidney damage. Well then, what’s prognosis of Nephrotic Syndrome in children? Ne...

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    What Are the Causes of Relapse in Nephrotic Syndrome

    2017-04-21 16:50:58Wu Yang192

    It is well known that Nephrotic Syndrome is more likely to relapse, but most patients do not know the causes. More worrying, every relapse of nephrotic syndrome will speed up kidney failure, which is a life-threatening things. To prevent th...

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    Nephrotic syndrome caused by endoretention of damp heat .

    2017-04-14 16:37:34Jin Liu139

     Nephrotic syndrome caused by endoretention of damp heat always occurred in the dog days which means summer. Summer is hot and humid. If the diet is more , sweets, greasy food will easily lead to damp heat. Because of moist trend, the most...

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    What kind of nephrotic syndrome is hard to be treated ?

    2017-04-14 16:31:45Jin Liu191

      Whether the disease is hard to be treated or not depends on the clinical manifestations of patients with nephrotic syndrome . First look at patients with urinary protein components, urinary protein in patients with IgG immunoglobulin a...

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