Precautions in the treatment of kidney disease.

2017-03-31 14:09chaoqun wang

At first, avoiding misdiagnosis and mistreatment. Chronic kidney disease tend to be misdiagnosed and mistreat for its complex mechanism and the deficient methods in treatment. Therefore, in the treatment patients should search for the professional hospitals and doctors. Only in this way, can patients avoid misdiagnosis and mistreatment.

Due to the attention in detoxification, our hospital pays more attention in the following inspections: SOD, immune status index, body endotoxin index.

Secondly, the effective therapeutic schedule. CKD has sky-high demand for the technology, otherwise the whole treatment can not be finished. Therefore, patients have to be careful in choosing the hospital and doctor. Up to now, there is no effective way in western medicine for CKD. If patients want to gain effective curative effect, they must turn to Chinese medicine.

Thirdly, perseverance. Once the effective therapy has been found, patients must stick to the end. In the treatment process, patients should cooperate with their doctors, following doctors’ arrangement to keep away from the loss uncessary.

Fourthly, patients should have confidence in the treatment effect, not merely notice the money they spend in their disease.

Fifthly, patients should courage their families to support them, so that they can reduce the stress in their heart.

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